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Take an Adventure Flight in a 1941 Stearman Army Biplane In St. Petersburg, FL.


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Adventure Flight Pricing

The flight paths listed below are suggestions. You can design your flight if you choose. You plan the flight.

20-min Local Adventure Flight


On this introductory local airplane ride, you will see Tampa Bay below as we take off from downtown St. Petersburg. We will fly west to the beach and back, or you can choose to fly over the unspoiled Ft. Desoto Park with its pristine beaches and shallows.


30-min Adventure Flight


This airplane ride provides more time to enjoy the view of the beautiful beaches below. You will fly to Ft. Desoto before turning north to follow the beach past the vast beaches of Treasure Island to John’s Pass, in sunny Florida.

45-min Adventure Flight


Enjoy your private plane ride as you fly over to the Skyway bridge and follow the shipping channel where you may see freighters and cruise ships. You will see the lighthouse on Egmont Key, where a Fort once protected the entrance to Tampa Bay from pirates and invaders. Ft. Desoto and its pristine beach and mangrove islands will be below as you fly over the sandbars up the Florida coast.

60-min Adventure Flight


This ultimate flight will put a full hour of classic aircraft ride time in your logbook. This flight includes all local areas. Just tell the airplane pilot where you want to go. We can fly in any space conducted within the airspace we are authorized to fly in that can be completed within an hour. It is all open to you. You and your pilot will customize your flight to give you the best possible experience. This flight will provide you with the best experience we can provide from the air. 

Fly in a Warbird in St. Pete, FL!

Are you still questioning whether this private airplane ride is worth it? Our local biplane rides in St Petersburg, FL., can do aerobatics in the air, and it is genuinely fantastic feeling adrenaline like this! We can also record the aircraft rides so you can take a copy home with you.


We have an aerobatic option for the real thrill-seekers!

If you want to experience the thrill of aerobatics in the air, you came to the right place. Loops, barrel rolls, and wingovers will put some real adventure in your life. See the beach upside down. It makes a great video.  The aerobatic option is $100.

We are located at Albert Whitted Airport in downtown St Petersburg, FL., 33701.


Book Now: 727-724-4141

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